Digital-arkiv Mjukvara, docWorks



What is docWorks

docWorks is a software program used by the most renowned libraries, publishing houses, and companies worldwide to digitize and convert their valuable library holdings and archives for easy access, searchability, and long-term preservation. The term “Digital Library” falls a little short of comprehensive in describing the actual result. “Digital” means the transformation of printed documents to digital images—i.e., by scanning pages and receiving JPGs, TIFFs, or PDFs. However, to create a truly searchable digital library, these images need to be “converted” into intelligent units using OCR (text recognition) and zoning (e.g., the identification of different articles on a newspaper page). docWorks is the only software that bundles all necessary conversion steps in a single, smooth workflow. Various docWorks editions guarantee a custom-fit solution for your project, be it a small collection or a National Library.

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