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WideTEK  planscanner för original upp till A2.
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SMA proudly presents VERSASCAN 3650 and introduces V3D – a new scanning technology which allows users to scan many different types of originals. It offers the capability of digitizing structured surfaces such as wood, rubber, plastic, fabrics, carpet and many more types of material. Finally, light reflecting items such as coins, seals and metal prints can be captured at the highest quality. The V3D technology presents new opportunities as it can be applied to materials outside the normal archive and library world.
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The new VERSASCAN 4870 is the latest addition to our family of flatbed scanners. With a scanning range of 1219 x 1778 mm it scans longer and wider than its successful sibling VERSASCAN 3650.
This double A0 scanner opens news doors as it can scan oversize originals in one go without the need of stitching serval scans together.
Further it offers outstanding productivity. A high resolution scan of 600 ppi over the entire scanning range can be performed in about 30 seconds only! Of course the VERSASCAN 4870 is equipped with our new V3D technology.
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Planskanners Metis_DRS1300DCS


Metis är ledande leverantör av högkvalitativa planetariska storformatskanners till framförallt arkiv och museer världen över. Metis DRS-DCS-system har mycket bra detaljåtergivning och skalriktighet i kombination med utmärkt och användarvänlig programvarufunktionalitet.
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