Cultural Heritage Imaging

Cultural Heritage imaging is rooted in the idea of preserving the past for the future. The need for digitization of historic collections in museums and libraries is rapidly growing, with increasing focus on public access, research and preservation of information for the future. Institutions with valuable collections often have a dedicated photographic studio for creating photographs of sensitive material, or for producing paper copies for researchers and scholars, protecting the original objects from wear and damage. Preserving the past for the future is often a race against time, as much of the material has a limited lifespan before it is gone forever, thus solutions that enable rapid capture are not only necessary, but often crucial.
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Sinar CTM

Applications such as digitization of artwork, reprography and scientific photography require extremely accurate color reproduction. With the Sinar CTM dual-pass filter system, we have redefined color accuracy in digital photography. This system makes it possible for you to reproduce the entire color spectrum perceivable to the human eye with absolute precision. Use the CTM system with the Sinar rePro, our specialist reprography camera, and combine the extreme color accuracy of multispectral photography with the very simple workflow of a specialized digital camera system.
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