Skärlinjaler/Skärapparater från Keencut

Skärlinjaler/Skärapparater från Keencut

The Javelin range of precision wide-format cutter bars is designed to exceed the most demanding standards of accuracy. The unique design of the Javelin allows Keencut technicians to factory adjust for straightness, using laser technology, to within 0.2mm over the 3.1 metre length of the cutter bar (1:15000) The accuracy of the Javelin makes it ideal for cutting banner materials, pop-ups and other display materials that require precise and accurate cutting for perfect alignment.

The Javelin is equipped with lift stands to support the unit between cuts and enable easy placement of work.

The Javelin is designed for use as a portable unit or located on an existing work table using the Keencut optional surface mounted Lift & Hold system. Combined with the Keencut Big Bench the Javelin creates a complete cutting table and workstation in any workshop.

All Keencut Cutter Bars use utility knife blades and feature a blade depth adjustment and a spring-loaded blade ejector as standard. The utility blades will cut to a depth of 10mm (0.4”) and Keencut XR blades cut to a depth of 13mm (0.5”). The patented linear bearings have been tested under load for 1600km (1000 miles) and carry a 20 year guarantee. Full length silicon rubber grip strips ensure all work is clamped when cutting and also protect the surface of the material being cut.

Finns i storlekarna 1,1m, 1,6m, 2,1m, 2,6m, 3,1m.

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