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The SUPERSCAN PM3D ® is based on new scanning concepts invented by METIS and aimed to respond to the special needs of the fine-art, industrial and decoration markets. In fact, the SUPERSCAN PM3D® integrates innovative technologies (patent protected) that allow to scan color and calculate 3D surface embossing information from it, and at very high resolution even on large originals.

This scanner extends the lighting and Superscan capabilities of the METIS DRS DCS series providing the ability to enlighten the original with 8 different and independent light sources, each aimed to a specific result. In particular, the SUPERSCAN PM3D ® can enlighten the original with sharp or soft light sources from virtually any direction including also the possibility to control specular reflections (i.e. for gold / glossy materials). Thousands of different light schematics are possible and achieved automatically through sophisticated software and hardware controls.

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Canfield VECTRA XT

3D kroppskanner för support vid plastikkirurgi.

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